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Hi, I'm April.  I started Cottage Candle Co. because I wanted to create candles that were friendly for the Earth and also beneficial to living a healthy lifestyle.  Our essential oils soy wax candles are safe to burn even around children.  I cannot live without the aroma of a burning candle, so I thought what better way to share something I love with people than to make them myself.  We hope you enjoy our candles as much as we do!

Founded in 2016, Cottage Candle Co is our take on beautiful, vintage inspired, rustic, farmhouse candles that will fit perfectly with your decor.  Here at Cottage Candle Co we strive to celebrate the simple beauties in life such as the glow from a candle that instantly changes the feel of any room.  We are one of the few candle companies that create clean burning soy wax candles using 100% pure essential oils to scent each one.  Want to learn more about our business?  Send us an email.  We’d love to hear from you!

All Cottage Candle Co candles are hand made from start to finish (excluding the holder).   You can reuse our candle holders for anything you wish by simply washing out the leftover soy wax with hot, soapy water.

Did you know we create custom candles?  Weddings, events, parties, someone special, whatever it is we can help make it memorable.  Send us an email to explore your options!

We love to see our products in their new homes! Be sure to share with us and use our hashtag: #cottagecandleco

Our candles are individually made and poured at the time of your online purchase to ensure the freshest, most fragrant soy candle available.  Handcrafted from natural soy wax.  Scented with pure essential oils.  Unlike traditional candles, these put off a light, calming scent without being overbearing or strong.  Our wicks are made of interwoven cotton, coated in soy wax and are lead free.  You can feel good about burning this candle in your home.  

Why choose a soy wax candle?

It doesn't increase the CO2 levels in your home like paraffin.  Soy is from a sustainable source (soy bean) unlike paraffin which is a petroleum product.  Burns longer and cleaner, no soot or carcinogens released into the air of your home.  

Shops we're in!  

If you're looking to shop our products in person, these are the current shops where you can find us.

 Coming Home ~ 206 N Cascade, Osceola, WI 54020

For Your Safety:

Please burn within eye sight.  Keep away from children, pets and things that are flammable.  For best results, keep wick trimmed to 1/4" before each lighting, removing any bloom from the previous burn.  Allow candle to pool all the way across the top each time lit.  Extinguish candle, allow candle to cool and trim wick if flame gets too high.  Do not allow wick trimmings, dust, or other materials to accumulate in the wax pool. Keep candle free of foreign objects.  Place on a heat-resistant surface.  Avoid drafts.  Your candle will become hot when lit.  Never pick up or move a burning candle.

Give us a shout!

Our email address is or send us a message on our instagram or facebook page @cottagecandleco.

Not completely satisfied with your purchase?

Our candles are all made by hand, not in a factory, and we do our best to make them perfect but, as we all know, nothing's ever perfect.  We want to let you know that if you're ever not satisfied with your candle, please tell us about it.  Send us an email and we'll replace your candle for free.  We love to hear all of your good and not so good feedback.  This will help make us better at what we do, and will get us closer to being "perfect."  Thank you all!  Our email address is

*Refunds will be issued for returned candles only.  Please email us for a return shipping label.